Sleepmeter Privacy Policy

Squall Line Software, LLC does not collect any information entered into the Sleepmeter, Sleepmeter Free, or Sleepmeter Widgets applications. The information is shared between the free and paid versions of Sleepmeter and the Widget should any combination thereof be installed on the same device, but the information is not made available to any other parties.

Should you choose to provide your data to Squall Line Software, LLC to assist in debugging or other matters related to the improvement of this application, Squall Line Software, LLC will destroy or otherwise sanitize the data such that the origin of it cannot be traced once its usefulness for the purposes condoned by the sender has been exceeded.

Should you choose to export your data and/or e-mail it using the options provided within this application, privacy must be ensured by the user and Squall Line Software, LLC is no longer responsible for it.